Planet Earth is our Motherland. It’s where our friends live, where we were born, where many of our happiest memories were made.
Therefore we have decided to launch this website where we all can publish and share our News Updates, views, stories, poems, memories, business related articles, services offers, events, and what not?.
Also on comments we can ask any question or if there is any unanswered question we can answer to help our people. Vikrom – Read & Submit Story, Hindi Articles, English Articles, Meiteilon Seireng, Wari, Poems, wakal, Talks, manipuri story collection, Eramdam gi stories Blog.

About Vikrom
Vikrom is part of a movement to liberate every human being from the 8-4 job!

Struggler: This is long yet interesting! 🙂

Howdy, Struggler!

Welcome to Vikrom ( – A platform to learn, and grow as a blogger or digital marketer, and entrepreneur who are looking for a website at low price, Good and Best Hosting at lowest best price. A community of enthusiastic Individuals who is popularly known as “Struggling person”!

Here is what you will find on Vikrom:

30% practical tips to create a blog & live your passion; the other 45% is for personal stories, personal opinions, natural remedies and more, 25% is for  News and latest updates,
Basic & advanced Blogging, WordPress, SEO, and Social media marketing techniques technologies, daily happenings, trending news, inspiring stories etc.
A community of friendly like-minded bloggers
Digital marketing tips for bloggers, freelancers & Small businesses.
Complete “How-To” of Blogging, Podcasting, YouTubing to increase traffic, sales & brand value.
Free products: Post an offer, Requirement
Paid products: Website development, WordPress, installation, Codecanyon script installation, app compilation (More than 20 web and app so far!)
I bought the domain and app source on July 23rd, 2020 by borrowing a credit card from my friend, Its true that I have transferred the amount to my friend later. However, It was not easy to ask for a credit card from anyone, but we all have one such friend.

Don’t we??

About Vikrom